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Previous IUPB Awardees

  • Finsen Medalists
  • Edna Roe Lecturers
  • Finsen Lecturers
Year Medalist City/Country Contribution
2019 Janet Bornman Australia Fundamental contributions to environmental photobiology
Silvia Braslavsky Germany Fundamental contributions to photochemistry & photosensory biology
Henry Lim USA Fundamental contributions to photomedicine
2014 Masamitsu Wada Japan Fundamental contributions to plant photobiology
Herbert Hönigsmann Austria Fundamental contributions to photomedicine
Douglas Brash USA Fundamental contributions to photobiology
2009 Margaret Kripke USA Fundamental contributions to photomedicine
Kimiyuki Satoh Japan Fundamental contributions to photobiology
P.S. Song Korea Fundamental contributions to photobiology
2004 John H Epstein USA Fundamental contributions to photodermatology
Masaki Furuya Japan Fundamental contributions to plant photobiology
2000 Winslow R Briggs USA Fundamental contributions to plant photobiology
Toru Yoshizawa Japan Fundamental contributions to vision
1996 Kondo, Sohei Japan Contributions to mutation and DNA repair in microorganisms
Van der Leun, JC The Netherlands Fundamental contributions to photodermatology
1992 Urbach, F USA Contributions to dermatological photobiology
Stoeckenius, W USA Fundamental studies on bacterial rhodopsin
1988 Magnus, I UK Fundamental contributions to photodermatology
Arnon, DI USA Fundamental contributions to photosynthesis research
1984 Smith, KC USA Fundamental contributions to photobiology
Haupt, W Germany Fundamental contributions to photobiology
1980 Setlow, RB USA Contributions to photobiology and repair of nucleic acids
1976 Blum, HF USA Contributions to photodynamic action and carcinogenesis by ultraviolet light
Hendricks, SB USA Contributions to the control of plant development processes by light
Shugar, D Poland Contributions to photochemistry and the structure of nucleic acids and proteins
1972 Forster, Th Stuttgart, Germany Fundamental studies of molecular behavior in the excited state
Hill, R Cambridge, UK Fundamental contributions in knowledge of the photosynthetic process in plants
Latarjet, R Paris, France Fundamental radiation studies particularly in the field of viruses
1968 Hollaender, A Oak Ridge, USA Fundamental contributions in the early development of photobiology, in particular radiation genetics
Bowen, FJ Oxford, UK Fundamental contributions in the development of the chemical aspects of light
Stiles, WS London, UK Fundamental contributions in the sensory aspects of human vision
1964 Terenin, A Leningrad, USSR Important contributions in the field of photochemistry
Rupert, C and Kelner, A Baltimore, USA Waltham, USA Important contributions to the discovery and elucidation of photorestoration in vivo and in vitro
1960 Rottier, PB Utrecht, Holland Fundamental studies of the basic phenomena underlying the formation of erythema of the human skin by UV radiation
1954 Coblentz, WW Washington, USA  
1951 Rollier, A Leysin, Switzerland  
Jausion, H Paris, France  
1937 Corno, C Davos, Switzerland  
Year Place Edna Roe Lecturer
2019 Barcelona Lesley Rhodes (UK)
2014 Córdoba Chikako Nishigori (Japan)
2009 Düsseldorf Sage, E (France)
2004 Jeju Bornman, J (Denmark)
2000 San Francisco Barry, B (USA)
1996 Vienna Chory, J (USA)
1992 Kyoto Völker, S (The Netherlands)
1988 Jerusalem Moustacchi, F (France)
1984 Philadelphia Sutherland, BM (USA)
1980 Strasbourg Kripke, ML (USA)
1976 Rome Paterson, MC (Canada)
Year Place Finsen Lecturer
2019 Barcelona Scott Byrne (Australia)
2014 Córdoba Roman Ulm (Switzerland)
2009 Düsseldorf Christie, J (UK)
2004 Jeju Yarosh, DB (USA)
2000 San Francisco Petrich, JW (USA)
1996 Vienna Brash, D (USA), Schwarz, T (Germany)
1992 Kyoto Satoh, K (Japan)
1988 Jerusalem Ley, RD (USA)
1984 Philadelphia Vogelmann, TC (Sweden)
1980 Strasbourg Junge, W (Germany)